Tuesday, September 11, 2012

One Year

On August 26th, we celebrated our one year anniversary. Parker, being the amazing husband that he is, planned a Vermont getaway at a Bed and Breakfast for a couple nights. I can officially say that after the trip, Vermont is one of the prettiest states I've been to. It has the mountains like out west but still has the green of the east coast- it was amazing!! The B&B we stayed at was so charming and welcoming. The evening of our anniversary we decided to splurge and had a super fancy 5 course dinner and it was out of this world! While in Vermont we went and saw the Joseph Smith birth place and of course had to visit the Ben and Jerry's factory. It was the perfect trip and anniversary!
                                                                                                                            Joseph Smith memorial


Camille said...

Aaah so pretty!! Super jealous that you got to go to the Ben&Jerry's factory, too!
I can't wait for Novemberrrr!!

parkermoffat said...

Neither can we!

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