Monday, August 13, 2012


After church yesterday, Parker and I decided to take advantage of the nice weather and go on a walk along the Charles River. One of the things I love about Boston is that even though it's a big city there is still plenty of green and beautiful paths to walk on. We also walked through the public gardens and parts of Beacon Hill. Boston is seriously one of the most amazing cities and I am so lucky I get to live in it!

The famous story, Make Way for Ducklings, takes place in the Boston Public gardens.

Monday, July 9, 2012


Last week Parker and I drove to Philly to spend some time with his family. While there, we decided to take a day trip down to DC to see the sites and my wonderful sister-in-law, Camille. The day began around 4am and was go, go, go the rest of the time. Though it was insanely hot and humid we still had a great time. We hit all the major monuments and memorials as well as some museums, a private tour of the Capitol, the DC Temple, and of course some Cafe Rio :) 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


After seeing friend after friend celebrate their 21st birthday, last week it was finally my turn! Both Parker and I took the day off of work and went to Cape Cod to relax and enjoy spending some time together. The day consisted of a train ride through the scenic cape, delicious hawaiian pizza for lunch in downtown Hyannis, relaxing on Chatham Beach, a spur of the moment stop at a salt water taffy stand on the side of the road (they had 30 different flavors all made right there!), and a trip to the new Georgetown Cupcakes in downtown Boston to get something similar to cake since our oven is currently out of order. It was so much fun and made me fall in love with the East Coast even more.

Monday, June 4, 2012


For Memorial Day Weekend we decided to take a little trip up to Acadia National Park for a much needed getaway. As you drive into the state there is a welcoming billboard that says, " Maine: The Way Life Should Be," and after our trip I couldn't agree more! The park is located next to the charming town of Bar Harbor that is filled with cute shops and restaurants. We enjoyed exploring the park, walking around town, eating the world's best blueberry pancakes with blueberry syrup, buying matching Bar Harbor sweatshirts, trying lobster ice cream (it tastes about as good as it sounds), and hanging by the water. So far Acadia is one of my favorite places we have visited while living here on the East Coast. Though the weather was a bit temperamental we still had a great time and I was able to get a few decent shots.

The following pictures are ones I took when we went to Gloucester, MA a couple weekends ago. I never got around to posting them so I figured I would just include them in this post!


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