Monday, December 3, 2012

So I realize I am super late on posting this but better late than never, right? This year for Thanksgiving my family (minus Christopher) came here to Boston to visit. Not only was it our first Thanksgiving here in Boston but it was also my first time hosting Thanksgiving which meant doing all of the cooking. Luckily my family was more than willing to help and we had a great time spending the day together, not to mention it was all delicious! While they were here we got together with some long-time friends from my Michigan days that now live here, went to Hingham where my mom lived when she was younger, and spent an entire day in the city. We had the best time with them and can't wait for them to come back and visit!

Pumpkin Pie ingredients
Pie before baking
Cranberry Relish ingredients
Rebecca helping with the rolls
Finally done cooking!
Time to eat!
Favorite part of the meal :)
My plate
Slice of pie :)

Here are some Instagram pictures from our day in Boston
Make Way For Ducklings statue all dressed up for the holidays
Lunch at Regina's in the North End
Museum of Fine Arts
Georgetown Cupcakes
Decorated and ready for Christmas!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

So I feel like all of the sudden life got super busy (hence the lack of posts) but I just had to blog about last weekend when Parker's sisters came up to visit. I was busy with work and a photoshoot for part of the time they were here but was able to meet up with everybody for some delicious pizza in the north end and of course some pastries from Mike's. On Sunday we went to the Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge which was absolutely beautiful. Nothing beats New England in the fall especially when spending it with friends and family!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

After living in our little city apartment for a year, Parker and I decided it was a time for an upgrade so two and a half weeks ago we moved to a larger apartment that has an upstairs (which is a big luxury around here) with 2 bedrooms and one and a half baths. Shortly after moving in, my mom came out here for a visit and she and I went to town buying accessories and decorating the downstairs. It was so fun adding my personal style to our living space and using my own photographs to decorate the walls. Now that we have a lot more room we look forward to having friends and family come stay with us. Here are a few pictures I snapped of the downstairs. 


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

On August 26th, we celebrated our one year anniversary. Parker, being the amazing husband that he is, planned a Vermont getaway at a Bed and Breakfast for a couple nights. I can officially say that after the trip, Vermont is one of the prettiest states I've been to. It has the mountains like out west but still has the green of the east coast- it was amazing!! The B&B we stayed at was so charming and welcoming. The evening of our anniversary we decided to splurge and had a super fancy 5 course dinner and it was out of this world! While in Vermont we went and saw the Joseph Smith birth place and of course had to visit the Ben and Jerry's factory. It was the perfect trip and anniversary!
                                                                                                                            Joseph Smith memorial

Monday, September 10, 2012

Ever since Parker and I moved to Boston we have been talking about going to a Red Sox game and a couple weeks ago we finally got the chance! I have been to many baseball stadiums to see various teams play and even though the Tigers will always be my team, there is just nothing like a game at Fenway. There is so much history there and so many fun traditions you just don't get anywhere else. It was such a fun evening with my hubby and friends- definitely a highlight of the summer.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

We made it!! One year ago today I married my best friend and the most amazing man I know! Married life has been so fun and more rewarding than I could have ever imagined. We have been through so much together this past year with the big move to Boston, away from family, and both of us starting new jobs but because of it we have drawn so much closer together as a couple. I am happy I get to spend eternity with the man I love and I can't wait to see what the coming years have in store for us. It was so much fun to look back through all of our wedding pictures- I still remember it like it was yesterday. It was absolutely perfect. Here are some of my favorites from the big day.

These beautiful pictures were taken by the amazing Camille Garrison

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